Zadok 'RA" Osiris

Zadok "RA" Osiris <AKA Dr. Raja Merk Dove> is a an oversoul Ambassadorial Complex of the StarDoves Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission. 

Zadok is a Cosmic High Priest from Jupiter who has stepped in at this time to assist the Earth in assimilating the new subtle energies and Ascension Activations that are occurring at this time of the Earth's Ascension in the New Heaven and New Earth reality. 

Zadok works directly in heart with his twin soul- Moira on the planet Venus. The Cosmic Mission operates and the amazing

Title: Ascension Assistance from Dolphins and Unicorns
A Workshop that Awakens our Inner Seals & Codes of Light!

In the years ahead, great change will sweep through our diverse human societies into an Age of love, with love building within and all around us. Zadok will present a Magnificent Power Point Presentation and Ascension Experience, where we will find it is time for us to more fully awaken to the magnificence of Life and the magnificence of Love in this Age of Aquarius. It begins with Ascension to a higher dimension.

We, as lightworkers and star-seeds, are here to help with Ascension and in building the new world. We have other assistants too: Dolphins, Dragons, Unicorns and Phoenixes! Unicorns are symbolic of cosmic energy; Ancient beings who possess knowledge and understanding far beyond what humanity is capable of. Dolphins are incredible Beings bringing tremendous Light & Ascension frequencies to the Earth. They are highly evolved intelligent beings from higher Stars who are on the Earth to assist mankind in exquisite ways, well beyond our current knowledge and I-magi-nation.

These beautiful beings perform a myriad of roles, among the most important of which is anchoring the Light in the oceans and forests that covers our planet. With the unicorn and dolphin consciousness of the celestial levels of the 14th dimension we recognize within us a deep state of purity which leads to the experience of the magnificence of Life. This presence will be accessed during Zadok RA’s workshop, as each of us will be able to tune into a higher and rarefied aether. Zadok’s Presentation allows us to experience a divine magnificent OPENING of our Love Presence more fully. Renew your essence via the Phoenix Bridge Portal to facilitate rebirth and reGENEration within your Multi-dimensional reality.