For over 10,000 Years the Cañari of Ecuador have been lineage holders of this planet

TOSA Blue Mountain is home to the Lost Temple and is ground zero for awakening Consciousness on our planet.

The Cañari are not well known yet they are carrying a level of consciousness unparalleled around the planet. Through the connection with the Cañari and our conscious community will be creating ground zero for a greater consciousness for our entire planet.

This moment has been foreseen by the lineage holders. The temple and sacred grounds will come alive with ceremony and music all weekend long. Experience in real time all weekend long. Receive messages for all of humanity!

The energy of our connection to the earth will be unified with ascended presence and consciousness to create a stunning site for the WWA Global Equinox Festival as well as future festivals and TOSA events.

The Documentary that tells the story of the Cañari, this sacred site, and the birthing of balance and unity on our planet

Be a part of the documentary being filmed on site. ATTEND IN PERSON or JOIN US VIRTUALLY  for sneak peeks of the documentary all equinox weekend long!

We will be filming the WWA Global documentary featuring the importance of the Oneness energy with the Ancestral Lineage Holders at ground zero for consciousness on our planet, TOSA Blue Mountain, Ecuador.