A program of Consciousness-Expanding talks, Ceremonies, MUSIC! and inspiring post-event workshops to shift your life and ignite your deepest passions! ALL TIMES ARE CENTRAL, USA TIMEZONE

ALL TIMES CENTRAL  - Note: As messages and ceremonial experiences are happening at the Temple, they will be shared throughout the weekend “as they occur”…

  • 19th March

  • 20th March

  • 21st March

Friday Sessions (March 19, 2021)

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM - Ignition of the Temple of Light at TOSA Blue Mountain

  • Ignition of the Temple of Light at TOSA Blue Mountain
  • 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
  • TOSA Blue Mountain, First Hour Broadcast LIVE and FREE at Oneness Talk Radio Youtube

OPENING WORLDWIDE CEREMONIES! FIRST HOUR FREE! Sacred and Unique Opening to the Equinox Energy! 

The WWAGLOBAL Festival Opens with the LIVE dynamic Medicine music of the Andes. Representatives from all over the world will be present via video and broadcast worldwide. A wondrous moment to say YES to the Heart of Humanity as the Celebration of Oneness. This March Equinox is the Birth of Balance for ALL humanity and our planet. The second hour initiates our sacred dive into the depth of the WWA experience. Connect with champions sharing and inviting the rebirth of the Divine Feminine.

A moment to remember and RISE. Cañari Lineage holders will open the weekend earlier in the day, with the creation of the Cuy ñaña. An altar enriched with offerings for Mother Gaia accompanied by Indigenous master musicians from Cañar. Ceremonial guides, (Yachaks), musicians and ONSITE Summit Participants will ascend the mountain to the Temple of Light. Together we will make our first offering to the Blue Mountain and salute the seven directions (onsite attendees only). You still need to register for the first FREE HOUR and be sure to subscribe to the OnenessTalkRadio YouTube Channel!

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