We are a movement and community of individuals from around the world, celebrating the expansion and evolution of Our Collective Consciousness, Diversity, and the Divine Feminine that is Rising NOW on the planet and within ALL.

WWA Mastery Mentoring!

Six months of Mastery support with those who KNOW!


Self-Ascension Mentoring! Harnessing the Blessing of WWA Dive into a six month journey of expansion, community, support and the blessing of Living the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation!

TWO expansive one hour calls per month on zoom with Sri, Kira & Jess! This mastery roundtable INCLUDES your Personal time to share, to be mentored, and to expand beyond the limits!

Prior WWA Mentor Members Share: “WWA mentoring changed my life!”….”I can’t believe how much I have grown”….”My confidence has skyrocketed” Mentorship Calls expand your Mastery with Yoga of Self-Ascension teachings, Healing visualizations, Small group sharing and personal goal attainment, PLUS UPLEVEL energetic support to Ignite the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation!

This support is focused for YOU as the LineageHolder, leader, healer, and way shower that YOU…ARE! You will receive support for your personal, professional, and worldly goals via a cultivated and thriving community of passionate action.

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Begins April 14th.
Special rate of $99 per month.



Women: The Awakened Lioness Rises as the Champion of ALL Humanity through the rebirth of the Divine Feminine

Wellness: The Gift of Birthing and Cycles through honoring and awareness!

Awakenings: The Moment of Saying YES to the Bounty-Full energy that Arises as our UNIFIED presence of Masculine and Feminine

WWA Global Festival ignites the unifying energies of Women, Wellness and Awakenings. The full embrace of the emerging divine feminine outside of all paradigms. Accepting that all voices deserve to be heard outside of the fields of judgement and limitation.

Regardless of gender identity ALL carry the seeds of the Divine Feminine within. This moment of expanding consciousness invites the Divine Feminine into balance for All.

The divine moment where humanity meets spirit as the Sacred Union of the vessel with the soul as we fully remember ourselves and each other. The living embodiment of the ascended presence of the divine within.

WWA Global Festival Birthed on 8 - 8 - 2020 (August 8th, 2020) , known as the the Lion’s Gate

Our WWA Conscious Community came together for a four week journey in order to champion the Divine Feminine’s return to balance for our planet.

Together we ignited the Discus of Visnu and put into motion what birthed into the moment we are standing at right now. The WWA Global March 2021 Equinox.

Take the WWA Homestudy - The Journey that started it all!

Ignite the Divine Feminine, Expand Wellness, and Awaken to becoming the master of your life!
Four weeks of Empowerment with Master Lady Kira Raa, Master Avesa Medical Intuitive Sri Ram Kaa, and Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor Jess Juntunen.

The Divine Feminine is an aspect within each of us, inviting us to come into greater balance and harmony with our own awakened empowered lioness.

Wellness is the intersection between your passion, purpose and power. IT is the ability to Live in the Now, without past traumas and hurts interfering with your Confidence and Joy

Awakening is the Divine Awareness of your Mastery Presence! This is the Experience of your life of co-creation as the joy-filled spontaneous embrace of unconditional love and compassion. Arising each morning inspired and filled with the joy of honestly knowing who you are and why you are here.

Trust that abundance is yours and all you need will flow to you as you once more REMEMBER and EMPOWER your Alchemical Mastery creation energy as the Law Of Instantaneous Manifestation!

This is the YES Moment that Ignites your True Abundance as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation!

WWA began with a dynamic & visionary program, originally created in the 90's, by Master Lady Kira Raa. This program has been the inspiration behind the next level of WWAGLOBAL for the critical and powerful times we are in RIGHT NOW! WWA is a Global Movement and Community bringing together beings from around the planet. Join Master Lady Kira Raa in the conversation below to learn more about the history and vision behind the WWA Global Festival.