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Onsite & In-Person Festival Experience!

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March 18-24, 2021

WWA Global Summit to be held at Tosa Blue Mountain Retreat Center, Paute, Ecuador.

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Post-Event Workshops Bundle

20% OFF!


Continue the Journey! WWA Post-Event Workshops!

Planning to attend the Equinox Summit Weekend March 19th – 21st?

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In-Person and Virtual Tickets are available!

Post-Event Workshops March 22-24
lead by your WWA Global Champions of Oneness

Streaming Live from TOSA Blue Mountain!

Get the Bundle of 11 life-expanding sessions! Includes LIVE ACCESS and Recordings for your Home Study Library.

Including topics exploring the divine feminine, wellness, and consciousness expanding workshops. Includes modalities with certifications. See the 
store for more details.

Value of Workshop Bundle = $439 Shakti Exchange

RECEIVE a 20% Discount! – includes 11 empowering workshops and their recordings

Shakti Exchange = $351

Note: Post-Event Workshops Only March 22-24 -To attend Equinox Summit March 19-21, be sure to purchase your tickets here

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