Women: The Chalice and Eternal Well of our BE-ing allowing us to lift into our TRUTH

Wellness: The state of harmony between body, mind, emotions and spirit. This harmony is found through unconditional self-acceptance.

Awakening: To stand outside of the experience of limitation and anchor greater love and appreciation for the experience of this creation.

WWA ignites the unifying energies of Women, Wellness and Awakenings. The full embrace of the emerging divine feminine outside of all paradigms. Accepting that all voices deserve to be heard outside of the fields of judgement and limitation.

Regardless of gender identity ALL carry the seeds of the Divine Feminine within. This moment of expanding consciousness invites the Divine Feminine into balance for All.

The divine moment where humanity meets spirit as the Sacred Union of the vessel with the soul as we fully remember ourselves and each other. The living embodiment of the ascended presence of the divine within.

Together we are better!