March 18,19,20


Live streamed from TOSA Blue Mountain Ecuador

Beginning with the rising of the FULL moon on Friday, March 18

Unified sharing on the day of the Equinox, March 20, 2022


The Voice of Passionate Action
Centered in your heart it is the time to take action because all hearts are the One heart.

All tribes come together as a collection of those who are building the new earth... now... May we gather together in a sacred circle once more and receive the wisdom of the universe.

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Participate in LIVE sacred ceremonies led by Lineage Holders and Elders from Tribes around the world, for a full weekend of ceremony. You are a part of the vast potentialities that converge at this moment, where ALL Voices come together as One. This is the birthing of the new through passionate action.

Together as One Voice, Gathering of the Tribes, brings together lineage holders, artists, and creators from around our planet to this important moment in human history. The gathering of the elders in ceremony TOGETHER bringing forth the Unified message of consciousness for all BEINGS and for our incredible planet. So that the lineages to come may flourish.

All weekend you are in ceremony and enjoying artists and performers from around the world. Livestreams of music, artists, and visionary speakers of the lineages join to celebrate the Global expansion of consciousness.

Join thousands from around the world and experience: A gathering of community that calls forward ancient medicines, traditions & ceremonies broadcast LIVE from the Andes in unison with performances, music, and presenters from around the world to support the uplevel moment for humanity and the new earth experience.

Your presence matters! All our hearts beating as one, co-creating and modeling the new earth as it was meant to be. The Tribes Gather at the Sacred Site that is TOSA Blue Mountain, with points of light from all corners of our planet.

Do you want to be here in person? Hurry, we are at near maximum capacity!



One Voice - Gathering of the Tribes


Because the lineages to come deserve a healed planet to call home


March 18-20, 2022


TOSA Blue Mountain, Ecuador in the heart of the Andes Mountains.

Our sole intention for this worldwide broadcast is that we come TOGETHER as ONE VOICE to support the unification of our hearts and all humanity

Your Hosts Sri & Kira

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Celebrating 20 Years of Active Service

Sri & Kira celebrate 20 years of Active Service through the Yoga of Self Ascension.  Via steadfast commitment, focused awareness and complete trust, they model what it is to live as the active presence of miracle manifestation.  Master Lady Kira Raa and Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa are sharing the universal consciousness which is arising through the sea of neutrality so more who are ready, awaken to the truth of their limitless potential.

Visit TOSA Blue Mountain, a 5 STAR  200 + Year Old Hacienda with 5000+ Years of History including vast Temple of Light complex of the Cañari, petroglyphs, and connection to our ancient origins

Featuring Representatives of Tribes from around the World

Lineage Holders and Tribes in Ceremony from Friday through Sunday, Livestreamed performances and artists from around the world

TOSA Blue Mountain Welcomes You

Participating Lineage Holders

This event births a NEW way of BEING in Ceremony at an event.

ALL TRIBES TOGETHER offering the wisdom and ceremony of their own traditions woven into the tapestry of a unified message for all humanity

The names and faces of the lineage holders are many AND in honor of the lineage of each tribe without the need for fame or self promotion, we offer you the list of our invited tribes that continues to grow

Participating Lineages and Tribes

The Cañari Lineage
The Shuar Lineage
The Balinese Lineage
The Lakota Lineage
The Hindu Lineage
The Maya Lineage
The Hawaiian Lineage
and more! 

Featured Artist Juan Garcia LIVE


Juan Garcia, also known by his artist name Nativo joins us all weekend with a complete art galleria filled with his astonishing paintings, carvings, and mixed media with all proceeds benefiting Clinica Linda.  He will be creating in real time  an inspired painting embracing the event

"Spirituality is that part that awakens our sensitivity, that connects us with our environment, with the sun every morning, with the night and its silver moon, with the mountains, the rivers, the rain and with every living being in it. It is the path that will lead us to give meaning to our lives, freeing us from dissatisfactions and frustrations that we accumulate in this stormy reality."


Friday - MARCH 18
Friday Evening at Moonrise
7 pm - 9 pm Eastern
Opening Ceremony with Traditional Dances and Music at the Triple Goddess Lakes at TOSA Blue Mountain followed by a prayer and blessing by each of the elders and beginning of ceremony

Artist Juan Garcia live onsite with a full exhibition of his art. In harmony with the event watch as he brings a painting to life inspired throughout the 3 day journey


Saturday - MARCH 19
9-12 ET Broadcast and 2-5 ET Broadcast
Onsite all lineage holders of the tribes are ceremony, each  building and  weaving in and out of the day coupled with  music, performances, and those carrying the messages. Onsite Attendees participate in all tribes.

Messages from the tribes and updates offered from the livestream all day coupled with performances, dancing, music, and discussions livestreamed during the broadcast hours

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Sunday - MARCH 20 - Equinox 11:33 AM ET
9-12 ET Broadcast and 2-5 ET Broadcast
10am - Noon Live Broadcast from the Site
10 am begins performances and music
11 am - 12 pm Culminating Unity Hour with the Unified Message from all tribes for humanity and our earth

Together we Birth the Voice of Passionate Action

In person attendees enjoy special access to onsite ceremonies, events, and the magic that is TOSA Blue Mountain

It is the moment to carry all in the presence that you are in service to as the walking model of the yoga of self – ascension. Now is the time for all voices to be heard outside of greed, ego, jealousy, ulterior motives. 

All Proceeds of the March 2022 Equinox Event Benefits Clinica Linda and the Expansion of Healing Centers


To Donate Directly to Clinica Linda please Visit Our Donation Page Click Here
To Become a Sponsor of this event please reach out to us at ecuador@sriandkira.com

Clinica Linda is the first Clinic we have establish at TOSA Blue Mountain. Since its Grand Opening at our March 2021 Equinox Event it has grown exponentially in the numbers served and initiated a Global Movement. Our second clinic is about to open in Cuenca and we are poised for rapid growth as we plan for the opening of 1,800 additional Avesa Centers and Clinics around the world.

Clinica Linda is a free-clinic for Indigenous Families in the Inter-Andean Valley outside of Paute, Ecuador at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary. A high number of valley residents are farmers and report issues with severe & debilitating physical pain from a life-time of very hard, physical labor.

Many are unable to walk or stand up straight, let alone participate in daily living. TOSA Blue Mountain is blessed to be the custodians of a revolutionary, premium laser technology (Epoch Lasers) that heals on a cellular level, causing less chronic inflammation and new tissue generation while healing.

The high-majority of those that receive laser treatment report immediate pain relief and after a series of multiple treatments, may experience a complete reversal of the pain and discomfort!

Living with chronic pain can make one feel helpless, which can lead to excessive use of painkillers and even depression. Treatment with Healing Light is non-addictive, highly effective and safe.

Your Ticket Purchase and Donations Make a Difference! Thank you to Our Event Sponsors for making March 2022 Equinox a Reality and for Supporting the Vision of Creating a World Where Beings Can Find Freedom from Pain

Our Sponsors

Interested in attending the live event as a participant? Take part in ceremony, behind the scenes, and receive the blessing of being at TOSA Blue Mountain. Hurry, seats selling out fast!

March 18-20, 2022
TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary



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